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When you set out to purchase home safes, you look for a number of important features including: solid construction, tamper-proof access, optimum storage space and aesthetic good looks. But what about the highest degrees of [...]


Have you recently been the victim of a home burglary or an unexpected fire? Did you lose irreplaceable or expensive items?Whether you have endure these terrible situations or are looking for a way to [...]


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To whom it may concern, I would recommend your company highly. Very impressed with your service and the attitude of your employees. There are good people left in this world. Bless you and yours in the holiday season. And thank Edith also!

December 2016

David A.

I bought a Cannon Patriot safe a few years ago and it’s been perfect for my needs. Recently I had some trouble with the locking mechanism. I went back to Maximum Security Safes in Santa Ana when I bought it and explained the problem. All they would do is send out a service guy for 165.00 so I made the appointment even though I was disappointed with their response. In the meantime I went to your website and noticed that your safes come with a lifetime guarantee. So I called your service department and got Luis Navarro. I explained the problem and gave him model and serial number. He wanted me to take some pictures with my phone and send them to him so he could see if he could determine the problem. I was a little leery but I am pretty mechanically inclined so away we went sending pictures and talking on the phone. Although it took a while he was extremely patient and guided me through the removal of the inner panel etc. Long story shorter we finally noticed the problem- one of the pins at the bottom of the door had retracted too far and hung up which hung up all the pins. As soon as I got that pin cleared the problem was fixed. So I am very happy with Cannon Safes and very happy that you have a very astute and patient tech like Luis on your staff. I am sort of disappointed that Maximum security Safes did not tell me about the warranty on the safe even after they looked it up in their records to verify what it was. I called them back and cancelled the service call and told them I was less than happy with that experience. They apologized profusely and said it was their fault and they should have told me about the warranty as they said Cannon has the best warranty in the business.

December 2016

Richard Z.

Shout out for Joe Diaz! He was so helpful with handling my safe claim.  During this historic Louisiana flood emotions are high and business must be handled.  He was so kind and compassionate with my many questions and concerns.  The nice voice on the other end of the phone was very comforting.  Please let him know it was great working with him on this claim!

December 2016

R. Whitman

Good morning,

Recently, I purchased a gun safe for my pistol.  A few weeks later, in an attempt to unlock the safe, the key broke off inside the mechanism.  I was in a panic.  It was impossible to get the fragment out at the time and there was no way I was going to drill the lock because I feared damage to my weapon. Thankfully I contacted the call center (on a Sunday! Fantastic!) and was connected to Joe.  He could tell in the tone of my voice that I was quite upset over the situation.  Within seconds Joe was able to calm me down, assess the situation, and provide options to get the safe open. Now that I have some time to reflect on what happened that day, I believe the best thing was that I was lucky to have Joe as the call center agent.  He was courteous and extremely professional in dealing with me. His behavior has prompted me to purchase more products from your company and gives me call to tell my friends of the level of service you provide.  For me,  it is what happens. AFTER the purchase that defines the customer’s experience. Please share my comments with Joe; he earned it.

December 2016

Carl B.

I purchased a Cannon Safe from Costco and transported it home. Unfortunately,  in the course of moving the safe I caused a couple of minor scratches to the exterior of the safe. The next day I emailed Cannon and immediately received a reply from Alonso Carrillo the Customer Experience and Shipping Processing Supervisor as where I explained what happened and requested to purchase some touch up paint. Mr. Carrillo informed me that Cannon will send me touch up paint free of charge.  A couple of days later the paint showed up on my doorstep, it was a perfect match and hid the scratches perfectly.

I want to sincerely thank Mr. Carrillo and Cannon Safe for being so customer friendly. OTHER COMPANY’S SHOULD TAKE LESSONS FROM MR. CARILLO AND CANNON!

BTW- The safe is incredible!

Thanks again and best regards

January 2017

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