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Patriot Large Home Safes

Cannon Safe sets the standard for home safes. Whether you are looking for traditional home safes, security safes, wall safes, office safes, gun safes, large full-feature safes, or a fireproof safe Cannon Safe has you covered. Cannon Safe offers a ZERO COST lifetime replacement policy. The lifetime policy includes hassle free 100% no cost repair or replacement after a Burglary, Fire, or Natural Flood emergency.

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Everyone Needs a Backup Plan

Patriot Large Home Safes

The formidable Commander series, the trademark Cannon Series and the massive Armory Series safes will be equipped with Cannon’s new EMP Dual-Access Lock that provides a manual combination lock as backup to the electronic lock. Threat met, threat neutralized. Another reason Cannon’s Commander, Cannon and Armory Series offer you and your valuables the ultimate in security, access and preparedness. More About Cannon's EMP Dual-Access Lock >>

Don't make the mistake of not protecting your valuables from burglary and fires.

Cannon Safes provide elegance without compromise, with the same advantages found on safes costing hundreds more. You can be confident in the security of your most treasured valuables.

Home and office safes are not just for the rich and wealthy. Consider how difficult it would be to replace passports, social security cards, tax documents, etc. Protect important documents with a Cannon Safe.

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Cannon Gun Safes
Cannon Gun Safes
Cannon Gun Safes
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