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Other Tips for Deer Hunting

Hunting deer can be a long and frustrating process, especially when you don’t bring anything home for a full day’s work. Follow these simple deer hunting tips to give you more chance for success and make the whole experience more enjoyable for you.

Manage Your Scent

The scent of humans can make deer scared. If they pick up on your scent they will stay far away, avoiding the interaction. Make sure that you use a scent free soap before your hunting trip. In addition

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Posted 11/26/2014 9:18 AM

Other Understanding How Gunpowder Works

Gunpowder is an essential component to the operation of any gun. Also referred to as black powder, gunpowder is one of the earliest known chemical explosives. In fact, the very term ‘gunpowder’ was derived as a result of this chemical mixture’s powerful burning properties that made it an ideal propellant in firearms throughout history. The composition of gunpowder is a mixture of sulfur, charcoal, and potassium nitrate. Basically, the sulfur and charcoal function as fuels while the

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Posted 11/17/2014 11:46 AM

Security Tips Tips for Creating a Home Safe Room

A safe room in your home doesn’t need to be a high tech, fortified space like in the movies, but it must be secure. Safe rooms are meant to be security spaces against storms, burglaries, and any other type of emergency situation. These spaces need to be resilient and stocked with survival provisions and emergency response items that you would need in a dire situation. In concept, these rooms should be ‘go to’ places when things go wrong. The location of these rooms can vary and the

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Posted 11/10/2014 5:00 PM

Product Information What's Inside a Shotgun Shell?

A shotgun is unique in how it functions as compared with other types of firearms. In part this is because of the shotgun shells that are fired from the weapon. Take a look at how a shotgun shell works and why this is important for the design of the weapon.

The History

Similar to the rifle cartridges of the era, the first shotgun shells designed used brass cases. Much of this design resembled rifle cartridges at the time with everything from the head to the amount of

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Posted 11/6/2014 1:49 PM

Security Tips Home Break-In Statistics

There’s nothing more violating that having your home broken into. Along with the risks that are presented to your safety, your belongings are never more vulnerable. Learn the statistics behind home break-ins, and find a way to better protect your home from this danger. By understanding more about break-ins and under what circumstances they are most likely to occur, you will be able to further protect yourself.

The Facts

It is estimated that over two million burglaries

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Posted 10/26/2014 6:00 PM

Security Tips Gun Range Safety

Practicing proper safety techniques on the gun range is crucial for everyone around. This is one of the few places where an eclectic group of people come together to practice with powerful firearms. Because of the potential danger here, it is important for everyone to be on the same page with range safety. Learn the basics to protect yourself and those around you from potential accidents.

The Rules for Safety

For most of these rules, there should be no exceptions. Make yourself Read More
Posted 10/19/2014 6:00 PM

Product Information How Do Combination Locks Work?

A Cannon Safe takes the very basics of combination locks and elevates them to a new level of security. While the typical bike lock may be easy to break, the combinations and additional security set these safes apart. With the turn dial there is included an electronic lock and a mechanical lock. This along with anti-pry tabs, internal hinges, and triple hard plates make this safe impossible for intruders to open. Take a look at the most basic part of the lock to discover how the different

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Posted 10/14/2014 11:23 AM

Product Information A Brief History of the Safe

For centuries people have been looking for the best methods of keeping their belongings protected. As a result of this the safe was born as a means to lock your most valuable or dangerous belongings away, keeping them safe from others. While these safes now have capabilities to withstand even the most determined thieves, and some will even prevent fires from damaging your belongings, the first safes did not have anywhere near these capabilities.

The First Safes


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Posted 10/6/2014 6:00 PM

Security Tips Best Self Defense Tools

There are a number of self defense tools that you can use to better protect yourself when less than favorable situations happen. Be prepared for any situation thrown your way, invest in the self defense tools that will be most beneficial to your safety, especially if you are often in a position where you feel vulnerable, such as leaving the office late at night or taking public transportation in the evening. Learn how to use one of these self defense tools to give yourself a way to ward off

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Posted 9/28/2014 6:00 PM

Other Clay Pigeon Shooting Sports

One of the most popular types of recreational shooting is clay pigeon shooting. This sport using a shotgun can be done by target shooters of all levels ranging from beginners to those shooting at a professional level. This type of shooting contains a number of different aspects, with a long history.

The History

The practice of shooting moving targets for enjoyment and practice has been around for more than a century, although not in the same form it is today.

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Posted 9/21/2014 6:00 PM