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If you have a gun collection, you know that keeping them in a safe at home is the key to keeping your firearms protected from intruders and away from little hands. But what about other types of home safes? In today's uncertain world, it's more important than ever to keep important documents, jewelry, family antiques, keepsakes, and anything else that's valuable to you under lock and key. Here are just three of the many great reasons why homeowners across America are turning to the use of home safes.

1. A Security Deposit Box is Not Always Accessible, But a Home Safe Is
Let's face it: there are definitely times when you need access to important documents that traditionally have been kept in bank security deposit boxes. When your child needs an original of his social security card or birth certificate, you don't want to have to worry about running to the bank to get it. And if the bank is closed, getting access to a security box is simply impossible. Home safes will securely store important documents such as the above-mentioned items, as well as marriage certificates, banking and investment documents, and anything else you may need to get access to quickly.

2. They Are Water and Fire-ResistantMany people have hesitated to keep important items at home for fear of a disaster such as a house fire, tornado, or flooding. Today's home safes will still be standing if everything else around them is destroyed. And the contents will be protected from fire and water damage so you will not lose those items which are simply irreplaceable.

3. They Keep Valuables Out of the Hands of Those Who Shouldn't Touch ThemThe huge majority of home break-ins are crimes of opportunity, and thieves will be more likely to be deterred from taking your precious valuables if they are stored in a home safe. Additionally, the little children living in your home will never be able to play with, damage, or lose items that are tucked away in home safes.

In the unfortunate event of a disaster or theft, we can replace most of our "stuff" quite easily. But for those valuables that are truly irreplaceable, keeping them securely stored and organized yet readily accessible in a home safe is the way to go.

Posted 2/24/2010 4:39 PM