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RadioVault on the Price is Right

RadioVault, A Better Solution

It always happens when you’re running late. You can’t find your keys or your wallet. You were tired the night before and don’t remember where you put them. Maybe you are protective of your home and family. You are a pro-gun house and you want to keep one near your bed at night in case an intruder enters your home, but a nightstand drawer is not a safe place to keep a gun. If you these problems pertain to you, Cannon Security Products has just what you need. One of their newest items is the RadioVault. The RadioVault’s duel features make it a radio that works with most MP3 devices and a safe for your valuables. With its Biometric Fingerprint Scanner, your valuables are always safe and can only be accessed by you. If your teenager wants to try to pull a Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and take the car without you knowing, place your keys in the RadioVault and their plans will be shot. The hidden drawer blends in to make your safe look like an ordinary radio. No one can snoop through your drawer if they can’t find it. You can unlock it with just a swipe of your finger. Be prepared with all your items in the vault when you leave in the morning or be prepared to protect your home from intruders at night. Make sure your valuables are protected and close to you with the RadioVault.

RadioVault Come on Down!!!

Does RadioVault look familiar? It should it has been featured on the Price is Right. Karen from New Jersey won one on March 27 and you can go to priceisright.com and find out how to win one too. Or you don’t have to go on a game show to get it, you can visit www.cannonsecurityproducts.com and purchase your own RadioVault and other security products today.

Posted 4/1/2013 11:26 AM