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Other Transporting a Safe

Whether you are transporting your safe to a different location of the house, or moving across the country, the idea of moving the heavy object around, with or without things inside, can be a daunting task, especially when stairs are involved. Our safes can weigh well over a thousand pounds, for a couple of different reasons.

Why they are heavy

In most situations, a large gun safe isn’t attached to the wall or floor in any way, but is just placed on the ground. The locking mechanisms and thick door will keep potential thieves from taking anything out, but this will do you no good if they can easily pick it up and take it out, leaving themselves more time with the safe. When burglars break into a home, they are looking for the easiest targets, and won’t linger at a heavy safe.

Not only is your safe more protected because of its weight, but the elements that go inside it are heavy. It takes a lot of strength to be impenetrable. Just by the locking mechanisms, and tough exterior your safe has, the pounds really pack on.


Transporting your safe can be difficult. Before you order your safe, find a place for it in your home, and commit to keeping it there for the duration of your time in your home. Avoid having to transport it. As much as we try, things happen, and it may be necessary to have your safe moved. Have the resources you need to get the job done safely.

Invest in a furniture dolly. This is a small investment for the help it will bring. Learn how to use them, and use it to transport the safe. Although this won’t do you as much good going up stairs, it will help immensely when moving across a flat surface.

Enlist the help of others. Whether you get a group of friends and family members, or hire professional help, this is not a task you should take on alone. Be sure to assess just how big your safe is, and how many people it will take to move it. If you are going to need to move it in a particularly cumbersome place, make sure to get the right help.

Before moving your Cannon Safe, find out the details about it, such as weight and dimensions. This will help you move it in a safer and more efficient manner. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, to keep from harming yourself during the move.

By +Cassie Costner

Posted 10/15/2013 1:27 PM