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Burglary and theft are extremely common crimes, common enough that you need to worry about them. Many homeowners leave themselves and their families at risk by not taking the proper security measures. And, some of the time, establishing security in your home is not just about protecting your valuables; it’s about protecting your family’s safety.

Recently, in Eagle Mountain, Utah, five homes were burglarized. One family reported that over $10,000 worth of items were stolen from their home, including some priceless objects that held significant memories for the family.

A few of the violated homes had open garage doors or unlocked doors, which made it all too easy for burglars to gain entry. Other homes were clearly broken into.

How can you protect your family and your valuables? Here are a few ideas:

• Install a security or alarm system in your home

• Lock doors and close garage doors

• Make sure all your windows are locked when you leave

• Get a burglary-proof safe to keep your most treasured and important objects in

• Have your neighbors watch your home when you are gone for a long period of time

By giving some extra thought to how you can further secure your family’s safety, you can save everyone from the hurt and disappointment that would come from a burglary incident.

If you are interested in getting a safe for your home that is guaranteed against burglars today, call Cannon Safe now!

By Kassandra Konecny

For the full news story, visit http://www.abc4.com/content/news/top_stories/story/Burglars-target-homes-in-Eagle-Mountain/VXpE6fpXv0-SqgiZq9j6MA.cspx

Posted 1/31/2013 11:05 AM