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Close your eyes and picture your home safe and all the valuables it’s protecting inside. Now, ask yourself: would my safe be able to withstand two burglaries, multiple shotgun blasts and six hours of intense drilling? Well, according to Shooting Illustrated Magazine, an NRA publication, this is exactly what one couple’s Cannon safe endured over the past five years—without ever being penetrated.

Mike and Diane, from Baton Rouge, LA, reported that in 2006 their home was broken into twice. The first burglary happened when the couple was out of town and the intruder attempted to open the safe with a sledgehammer, hacksaw, and crowbar found out in the couple’s barn. He was unsuccessful. The 2nd burglar attempted to open the safe with a shotgun. The close range blasts were successful at knocking off the safe’s key pad lock, but still the safe didn’t open keeping Mike and Diane’s valuables secure from unwanted hands.

Without the keypad lock, the couple no longer had a way of opening the safe so they contacted Cannon’s customer service line and requested assistance. Cannon sent a lock smith over to the couple’s house but according to the article, “after four hours and 27 drill bits the safe could not be opened.” So, Cannon sent another lock smith and finally after two more hours of drilling the safe was opened.

“The Cannon Safe is so well made I could never imagine buying another brand,” Diane told Shooting Illustration Magazine. “The warranty is terrific—Cannon paid for a new safe and for the locksmiths to open the old one. Their customer service is top-notch!”

Here at Cannon Safe we love hearing how happy our customers are with our services and products! If you have any stories like Mike and Diane’s regarding how your Cannon Safe protected your valuables in the event of burglary, or how our staff came through for you in an emergency then comment on this blog and we will be sure to post them.

Thanks to Shooting Illustrated Magazine for the shout out and to Mike and Diane for sharing their story with the rest of us!

Posted 11/22/2010 3:27 PM