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Other Why You Need EMP Technology

Your safe is all about keeping your belongings protected. It is crucial to get the best safe technology available to ensure you won’t have any problems, from break-ins to young hands. For your next safe, consider investing in one with the EMP locking system. This will give you more peace of mind than anything else.

What is it?

Electronic-mechanical protection is the best way to keep your electrical

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Posted 7/5/2016 3:11 PM

Other How To Choose The Right Caliber For Your Game

Hunters love to argue the merits of their favorite rifle and caliber but for the sake of this infographic we are going to cover calibers. Read More
Posted 4/13/2016 3:12 PM

Other How To Move a Gun Safe

Whether you are transporting your safe to a different location of the house, or moving across the country, the idea of moving the heavy object around, with or without things inside, can be a daunting task, especially when stairs are involved. Our safes can weigh well over a thousand pounds, for a couple of different reasons. Read More
Posted 3/9/2016 3:15 PM

Other Famous Guns

Put your movie knowledge to the ultimate test by matching these firearms with their famous debut. Read More
Posted 2/18/2016 4:08 PM

Other Poll: What is Your Favorite Gun Safe Accessory

Do you have a favorite accessory for your Cannon Safe? Weigh in with your favorite and see how it compares to others! Read More
Posted 1/4/2016 10:23 AM

Other Weigh In: What is Your Preferred Method of Self Defense?

There are a number of self defense tools that you can use to better protect yourself when less than favorable situations happen. What tool do you find most useful in dangerous circumstances? For more safety tips check out this article written by Cannon Safe! Read More
Posted 10/8/2015 8:39 AM

Other 6 Of The Most Beautiful Rifles & Shotguns

Behind every great firearm we can find beauty, whether it's the look, feel, power, or history. We have compiled 6 unique rifles and shotguns into an infographic, each possessing different characteristics that make it beautiful. These guns were used to win wars, hunt dangerous game, and some even starred in classic films. Read More
Posted 9/28/2015 2:39 PM

Other What Is The Smallest Safe In History?

Learn about the smallest safe in history with Cannon Safe's mini infographic

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Posted 6/15/2015 4:42 PM

Other What Items In Your Safe Need Atmospheric Preservation | Infographic

Do you ever wonder if the items in your safe need atmospheric preservation in order for them to maintain their best conditions in the present and future? If you keep certain metals, electronics, documents, antiques, and other items in your safe, atmospheric preservation is definitely something you should consider to preserve your valuables.

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Posted 5/29/2015 4:16 PM

Other Historical Advancements of the Assault Rifle

assault rifle

Of all the weapons that have impacted modern life, perhaps none has been as revolutionary as the assault rifle. Weapons development for human warfare began to evolve significantly in the late 1800s as automatic weapons capable of firing many rounds continuously began to be developed and popularized by armies and militias. With the first full powered

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Posted 2/18/2015 11:52 AM