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Product Information Choosing a Fireproof Safe

Many people buy home safes primarily to protect their guns and valuables from fire. However, many prospective safe buyers are duped into buying an inferior safe because of exaggerated fire ratings. Here are a few things to remember when buying a fireproof safe:

  1. How long will your safe burn? A fire rating of at least fifteen minutes is absolutely necessary. If you’re looking for an extra level of protection however, some Cannon safes come with up to 90 minutes of fire protection.
  2. Has your safe been properly tested? The safe you use should be tested against industry standards. You should also know how many sensors were used while testing the fireproofing of your safe – if there were too few, then fire proof claims may be exaggerated. Most Cannon Safes adhere to requirements for extended sensor placement and upper tier installation under Intertek-ETL.
  3. Does the door close tightly? Test out the safe and make sure that the door doesn’t rattle at all when it is shut. Shoddy closing can spell instant death for the valuables you have inside your safe in case of a fire. Cannon Safes also include the patented three fin intumescent seal to keep out smoke so your safe’s contents will even avoid smoke damage in a fire.

When shopping for a home safe, you’re sure to get all the necessary features by remembering just one rule: “Nothing protects like a Cannon.”

Posted 11/21/2011 12:30 PM