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Security Tips How Fireproof is Fireproofing?

With Cannon's safes, you never have to worry about the safety of your valuables.When people think of house fires, they might think of those stubborn fires that aren’t put out for hours. They might wonder what the use of a fireproof safe is if it only lasts 30-90 minutes in a fire.

Well, the truth of the matter is that, while the house itself might burn for hours, sections of the home will only be exposed to direct fire for a few minutes, sometimes no more than 5-10 minutes. So, your fireproof safe will very likely save your valuables from fire damage even you buy a safe that would only last 30 minutes directly in the fire.

If you do want more protection, however, there are 60-minute and 90-minute safes that could potentially provide you with more comfort because the entire house fire might not even last that long.

For additional protection, follow the following tips once you have your fireproof safe:

  • If possible, put the safe in the basement on cement.
  • Remove extremely flammable items from the area around the safe.
  • Don’t keep extremely flammable items inside the safe.
  • Keep it away from structures of the home that might be long-burning.

Also, make sure that the safe you purchase really has been tested and rated for the exact fireproofing it says it has. The fireproofing should be tested and reviewed based on scientific facts and actual performance, otherwise you might not be well-protected in the event of a fire.

Every one of Cannon’s safes is fireproof for at least 30 minutes and has been tested for direct exposure to fire. You don’t have to worry about your valuables being damaged in the event of a disaster when you trust Cannon.

If you’re ready to have a fireproof safe you can rely on, contact Cannon, the home safe dealers, today!

Posted 7/23/2012 1:37 PM