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Other The History of the Electronic Safe

Be grateful that you live in an age when electronic home safes are available! The history of the locked safe is a long one – so long, in fact, that no one knows where the original concept of the lock came from.


In ancient times, people would secure their valuables using complex knots, such as the Thief knot (which easily revealed tampering by someone other than its owner), or the Gordian knot, a knot so complicated it was almost impossible to untie it. In legend, Alexander the Great once became so frustrated with the Gordian knot that, rather than untie it, he simply chopped it in half with his sword.

Primitive Locks

The first keyed lock to come along was the pin lock. It was pretty simple: a long cylinder acted as the key, and, when entered into the long, skinny lock, it would open the mechanism. The only important quality in the key was its length, not its shape. This made it easy to pick. Later, the Chinese invented the warded lock. In this model, lock and key fit together like a puzzle.

Modern Locks

It wasn’t until 1857 that the first prototype combination lock was invented, and the design that some safes use today was patented in 1862. Luckily, all throughout the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, electronic lock technology has improved to the point that it’s expected of any good safe. Electronic locks are the most secure locks of all and are a standard feature of Cannon Safes.

Posted 7/1/2011 8:50 AM