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Security Tips Your Rights to Home Self Defense


While we may hope for the best, sometimes the way we plan doesn't happen. Even with door locks, alarm systems, and more, there is still the potential of someone unwanted breaking into your home. Whether these people are looking to steal your belongings, or inflict bodily damage to you, it is important to recognize what your rights are to defend yourself, especially if you own a firearm. While the specific laws will vary on some level from state to state, there are certain aspects of protecting yourself that will remain constant across the nation. Learn these situations before a break-in happens to better protect your home and family.

The Home Defense Laws

There are two basic home defense laws that are practiced among a majority of the states. Some states advocate both types of home defense laws, with the one being more advanced than the other. Do your research and learn which of these laws if any are in place in your state:

Castle Doctrine - 30 states currently practice this. The castle doctrine states that when you are attacked, you have no duty to retreat. In this situation, a homeowner could use force if another person has entered their home without permission. In addition to this, deadly force is seen as a viable option when the resident of the home is seriously fearing for their safety and well-being.

Stand your Ground law - 22 states currently have this more aggressive form of protection in place. This not only allows you the right to defend without retreating, but also allows for no regard to the location of attack. This pertains not only to the home, but anywhere you are being attacked in an aggressive manner. Common sense must still be used, and appropriate action can be taken in relation to the danger of the attack.

While most situations will call for quick action it is important to think through a decision that could be life changing for both you and the intruder.

Deadly Force

Deadly force is using any item in defense that can reasonable cause death to your intended target. This includes using knives, baseball bats, firearms, and more. Using deadly force is a choice that should not be taken lightly. If possible, take some home defense classes. These will help you learn how to react in these dangerous situations. Only use deadly force if you truly feel that your life is in serious danger. Some things to consider before using deadly force include:

  • Have you had other interactions with the person entering your home? Could they be dangerous to your safety?
  • Do you feel like your life is in danger?
  • Are they attacking with the intent to inflict serious harm to you or your family?
  • Is there a possibility that less force could be used and you can remain safe?

Consider all these things before using deadly force. It will be beneficial to both you and those in your home.

Step Up the Defense

The best case scenario is to prevent intruders from entering in the first place. There are a number of different ways to do this, each varying in price and practical application. Choose from the protection that will make the most sense in your home, and be within your price range:

  • Keep the doors and windows locked
  • Buy a sign that either states a dog on the premise or security cameras in operation - even if neither of these are true, it will cause thieves to pause for a moment, thinking twice about your home
  • Use a wooden dowel in your sliding glass doors - place this so it is blocking where the door opens, even if a burglar is able to break the glass, they will not be able to slide it open
  • Install motion sensor lights in your yard
  • Invest in a dog
  • Install a security system in your home

Know your rights in your home, and the steps you can take to better protect yourself. By doing this, you will feel better protected in your home. Learn self defense, and what action can be taken if your life is in danger.

Posted 7/7/2014 6:30 AM