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Security Tips Is The Lock On Your Home Safe Doing It's Job?

EMP Lock

These days, home safes come with a variety of access systems such as combination locks, electronic locks, touch pads, and biometric fingerprint recognition.  With the numerous options out there, it can be difficult to know which access system will really keep your valuables safe from theft, or curious hands.   Here’s a look at some of the most commonly used locks:

Types of Access Systems

  • Electronic safe locks: these locks can range from lower cost mechanisms to highly sophisticated safe locks with advanced security features.  Some electronic locks combine a motor actuated locking mechanism that offers three modes of operation (single, dual, and manager/employee). Certain electronic time locks add extra security by offering a repeating time lock schedule every 5-7 days.
  • Biometric fingerprint recognition: biometrics is the latest innovation in home and gun safe technology.  It offers finger lock recognition based on your fingerprints.  Response time with this technology is quick, efficient and extremely reliable.    
  • Combination locks: this is one of the oldest types of locking system around.   Though combination locks can be reliable, they can still be broken into with only just a few guesses.     
  • Basic digital lock: the basic digital lock is battery operated and allows multiple users with just one access code.  If a wrong code is attempted several times in a row a penalty alert will go off.

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Posted 10/25/2010 5:13 PM