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Security Tips Preparing for an Office Evacuation

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When it comes to emergency situations, the way you plan means everything. In some emergencies there is only a split second’s worth of time in which you have to react. Don’t waste these precious seconds by being unprepared, start planning today for an office evacuation. Whether this is caused by environmental factors, a gunman, a bomb scare, or terrorist attack, the reaction might be different. Learn what to do in a situation where an office evacuation has been ordered, and pay special attention to the planning that must take place before this.

Designate a Leader

Every emergency situation needs a leader to take control. The boss or someone else who already has some authority may be the best choice for this responsibility. Designate a secondary person should the primary leader not be at the office during the emergency. Make sure that this is a voice employees will listen to and follow. This individual should know the emergency evacuation plan better than anyone else, along with backup plans should other dangers arise. This person should keep contact with local authorities if they are the ones who issued the evacuation order, ensuring all employees know when it will once again be safe.

Recognize Disaster

The first step in an evacuation is to effectively identify the disaster. Does this situation require an evacuation, or will it be better to hunker down and wait it out? Sometimes police or emergency professionals will notify you that evacuations must be made, other situations will happen too fast and will require a snap decision to be made in the office.

Run a Drill

Before the disaster has a chance to hit, run a drill with your employees. This should be organized and done on a regular basis, making sure employees understand the best evacuation route from their desk, the break room, and the bathrooms. Practice this route so it becomes second nature in the face of disaster.

Protect the Office

In the event of an office evacuation, the preservation of lives is going to be the number one priority. There will be no time to gather your belongings before With that being said, it will be wise to protect your most important office belongings. A safe with credit cards, company valuables, and important documents will be better protected against anything thrown that way.

Ensure your employees are protected in case of an office evacuation. By taking the proper steps of preparation beforehand, you will have a better chance of remaining safe no matter what is thrown your way.

Posted 7/20/2014 6:00 PM