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Product Information Why Do You Need an Office Safe

No matter the size of your business, you should seriously consider getting an office safe if you do not already have one. Why? Because the theft, fire damage, water damage, and the loss of important documents that can devastate businesses can all be avoided simply by investing in an office safe.

Is Your Business Secure?

Did you know that companies ravaged by fire damage or theft generally go out of business in approximately six months? This often occurs because important documents, financial statements, and computer files are stolen or damaged and cannot be retrieved.

The easiest way to avoid this catastrophe is to purchase a theft-proof, waterproof, and fireproof safe that can be used to secure all your businesses valuables. Contrary to popular belief, office safes are actually becoming very popular, both for small and large companies. And, if you get a safe from a company that offers a great office safe warranty, then you can be assured that your important documents will be safe regardless of circumstance.

What Should You Put in an Office Safe?

Anything you want can be protected, but here are some ideas:

• Financial documents

• Proof of licensure

• Insurance information

• Tax documents

• Architectural blueprints

• Flash drives with duplicate computer files

• Credit card information

• Product information

And much, much more!

Where Can I Get an Office Safe?

Luckily, Cannon offers safes of all shapes, sizes, and colors to fit with the style of your business perfectly. With their classy look and great warranty, they are the ideal choice to protect your business’ valuables. In addition, you can have the choice of special features such as a biotechnology fingerprint pad to further insure the safety of your valuables.

Check out Cannon’s lines of office safes today to figure out which one works best for you!

Posted 9/23/2012 10:56 PM