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News & Events Police Officer Burglarized - 5 Unsecured Weapons Stolen!

This last weekend, the home of an inspector for the Department of Homeland Defense in DeKalb County, Georgia, was broken into and thousands of dollars of valuables were stolen, including:

  • five guns, 
  • electronics, 
  • thousands of dollars of savings bonds, 
  • personal paperwork, and 
  • one souped-up pickup. 

Loucious Sheppard, who was on vacation at the time, came home to a terrible surprise, saying, “It’s not supposed to happen to me. I would think that’s awfully bold for somebody to break into a police officer’s home.”

Unfortunately, Sheppard’s weapons were not locked away in a safe: at least one weapon was stowed at his bedside and another was in a nearby drawer! This made it possible for the burglars to break through a basement window and walk away easily with the firearms. Had the guns been stored securely in a safe, the case might not have been nearly as tragic.

Worst of all, according to Sheppard, is the thought that “you have someone out there with serious fire power that can cause some hurt and harm to someone out there.” It’s a heavy responsibility to bear, but it’s the price of not keeping your weapons secure. And if it happened to a police officer, it could happen to anyone!

The story would have been different had Sheppard kept his firearms and valuables in a Cannon Home Safe, such as the Commander Series 43. With a door thickness of almost six inches and at a whopping 1,457 pounds, it would be virtually impossible for burglars to either break into it or haul it away.

Posted 7/6/2011 2:33 PM