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Product Information You Can Protect Anything in Your Cannon Safe

When you purchase a safe, the company might advise you against keeping flammable or easily damaged valuables inside the safe. However, when you purchase a Cannon safe, we are so confident in the fireproof rating of our product that we actually encourage you to keep all your photos, titles, and other important paper goods in your safe for the ultimate amount of protection.

In our product line, we have safes that offer 30-minute, 60-minute, and 90-minute fireproof ratings, and we are certain that any of our Cannon safes can protect everything that would otherwise be lost in a fire.

The Secret behind Our Confidence

Because our safes are tested at degrees upwards of 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, we can be completely positive that absolutely anything you put in the safe will be protected. Unlike our some of our competitors, Cannon safes have been tested with Intertek-ETL, which is the world’s leader for fire testing products.

During one of the 1200-degree tests, the hottest temperature that any single portion of the safe will be up to is 350 degrees, which is not enough to burn your valuables. Our protection is not exaggerated either.

We have scientific proof and graphs that you can look at that prove that our fireproof safes stand up to the heat that it would experience in a fire.We want to establish trust with you, our customer, and we figure that showing you the documented proof is the best way to do that.

Don’t Put Your Valuables at Risk!

Be assured that all your important items will be completely protected by our disaster-proof safes. Check out our product line today to see which Cannon safe would look best in your home!

Posted 8/16/2012 9:25 PM