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Other Rifle Tips for First Time Hunters


As a new future hunter, researching and selecting the best type of rifle is an important part of getting a quality rifle that suits your needs and specific applications. For a beginner, inexperienced shooter it is important to select a rifle that you can easily handle and still get the best accuracy when shooting. There are a number of things to consider when selecting a rifle, but perhaps the most important are hunting application and cost. A rifle is an investment like anything else and you want to be sure you are investing in quality and reliability. For novice shooters, it is especially important to research rifles and, equally important, ammunition cartridges. Here are some considerations for novice hunters looking to buy a rifle.

Cheaper & Accurate

The two most important elements of any rifle purchase for the beginner are the cost and the accuracy. You don’t need to spend $1000 on a rifle and expensive scope to get into the sport, learn the basics, and develop as a shooter. There are a lot of quality rifles available in the $300-500 range that will be just as good for an inexperienced hunter as a high end model. Chances are you couldn't tell much of a difference in performance anyway--especially if you are new to shooting a rifle. Accuracy, however, is very important in any rifle and you should make sure to purchase a rifle with an easy scope and good handling with a comfortable caliber round.

Caliber & Bolt Action

A good rifle to start out with is a .22 caliber. These are popular beginner’s rifles since they are easy to handle, light, and accurate in long range shooting. The .22 caliber cartridge is smaller and less powerful than larger calibers, so it is primarily used for hunting small game and practicing marksmanship. If you are just getting into hunting, this rifle is a good place to start to learn the basics of handling, loading, sights, and precision shooting. When choosing a caliber, the most important thing to do is select one you can comfortably fire. Height and physique will factor in here since recoil on higher calibers can be a problem for smaller people and novice shooters. A lighter .223 or .243 are good cartridges for beginner hunters.

Bolt-action rifles are also a good type of rifle to start out with as a novice hunter. As an accurate and more controlled variation of rifle, bolt-action rifles are the preferred variety for marksmen and even professional snipers. For beginner hunters, bolt-action can offer a better paced shooting experience as each round has to be individually loaded into the chamber through the bolt controlled lever. This can also reduce the likelihood of accidents from semi-automatic or pump action rifles since the next round must be deliberately loaded. When looking at rifles, carefully consider all of these things, ask questions, and research the best models.

Posted 8/17/2014 6:00 PM