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Home safes are only as effective as the security of where they are kept. The safe itself may seem to offer all the security you need for your valuables, but the surrounding space where the safe is kept says a lot about the overall security of your possessions. Size, weight, locking mechanism, location, and overall quality specs will all factor in to the security of the safe, but ultimately understanding the environment in which it is stored makes a huge difference in lasting security at home. Exposed safes can be vulnerable to breaches or theft. Here are a few tips to keep in mind for home safe security.

Know What You’re Protecting

often, people invest in safes without a clear understanding of what, in particular, they are protecting. Storing and protecting valuables against theft and destruction is the primary purpose of a safe, so keeping in mind the exact reason you’re using the safe will help you decide what to store and where to locate the safe. Guns, for example, may require a different level of security than old family photos or important documents. All are important, but the security of one clearly represents a more immediate concern and a greater risk to yourself and others.

Safes come in a wide range of sizes, weights, with varying levels of security infrastructure.in place. This also translates into price, so be sure to have a clear vision of what items you are going to safeguard and the degree of security you require. A $1200 safe that weighs 800 lbs will require transport and assembly, as well as a good place to keep it. This is not an investment decision to take lightly, so assess carefully your security needs.

Examine Safety Ratings & Features

Safes come in a range of price with a wide variety of features. This is where your desired security and function factors into the decision. For secure storage of certain items, a lighter, less expensive safe may be ideal over a bank vault style safe. Fire and water resistance and heavy steel locks are characteristic of protection safes. The heavy reinforced steel will function better to resist attack and fire and water damage than other varieties. Not all safes come with the same features for the price, so evaluate your needs and look for a safe that includes everything you need. For theft protection, make sure the safe can be bolted to the floor.

Take Care with Safe Contents

Home safes are a valuable and wise security investment, but they are not impenetrable. Always assume that the safe--no matter how secure--could be breached, stolen, or otherwise damaged. Keeping this in mind will help you use discretion with what you opt to store in your safe. Certain types of documents or heirlooms may be better off in a secure safe deposit box at the bank over a home safe. You can always make copies of documents and keep originals in such a location. Bank safe deposit boxes are cheaper and may be an option for certain items. For others, such as weapons, invest in a high quality gun safe or vault. Make sure the safe is properly installed and the locking mechanisms are secure and, preferably, redundant--such as a combination bio-metric and keypad combination lock. Lastly, bolt it to the floor and store it in a secure, discreet area for added protection.

Posted 7/30/2014 10:23 AM