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If you’ve been dragging your feet about getting an office safe, don’t wait till disaster strikes before you finally decide to get one. No matter how many security measures you put into place, there simply is no such thing as a totally secure workplace: but today’s office and home safes are multi-functional, attractive, and convenient tools that add an extra layer of security against theft as well as complete protection from fire damage.

When you purchase high quality office or home safes from a top manufacturer such as Cannon, you can be sure that they will have all the features needed to provide you with total peace of mind. Here are the Top 10 Reasons for using one or more office safes from Cannon.

  1. Our office line models are space-conscious, making them appropriate for just about any size workspace.
  2. They are attractive pieces of furniture with a matte finish that can withstand all kinds of daily use and abuse.
  3. Fabric-covered shelves are fully adjustable for complete versatility.
  4. We make safes good enough to boast a high UL rating for security, and our outstanding reputation for excellence and craftsmanship is famous in the industry.
  5. Our safes are made with layers of tough steel composite and hard plate, making them virtually impenetrable for those not authorized to do so.
  6. Multi-layers of fire insulation allow many of the models in our office line to withstand heat of up to 1200 degrees for 75 minutes.
  7. Our safes’ secure locking systems are second to none, yet they open quickly and easily: as long as you have the combination!
  8. We manufacturer exceptional products yet they sell for hundreds less than our competitors’.
  9. You will have a secure place to store cash overnight if you need to, and you can also use your safe to safeguard valuable documents anytime.
  10. You can finally have peace of mind knowing that your Cannon Safe is keeping your business documents and other valuables completely secure and private.

The time to start safeguarding your business interests is before a theft or catastrophe happens: not after.

Posted 3/24/2010 3:13 AM