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Other Does Wildlife Benefit from Hunting?


While hunting and wildlife conservation seem to contradict one another, the two actually go hand in hand. As laws and regulations have been put in place, hunting has in reality done a number of positive things for wildlife conservation. Take a look at how these regulations benefit you, the animals, and the process as a whole.

Financial Contribution

While you may not realize it, if you've paid to hunt or even just purchased a firearm, you are contributing to conservation. When you invest in guns and ammunition, you are buying from manufacturers that are required to pay a federal excise tax on the guns and ammunition they produce. The money from these taxes is distributed among state wildlife agencies who then in turn use this money to buy land for wildlife and to also study the populations. This helps animals that are endangered and those that are overpopulated in a specific area. By this course of action, millions of acres have been developed in preserving wildlife.

A need for a change of this capacity was recognized in the early 1900's when too many wildlife species were shrinking in numbers or in some cases disappearing entirely. Congress recognized a change needed to be made, changing where the excise tax was applied. In 1937 President Roosevelt signed the Pittman-Robertson Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act, further securing the safety of these dwindling animals.

Controlling Population

Population control among different species holds a delicate balance. If one group of animals becomes larger than their food supply can support, problems will begin to occur. To help maintain this balance, the Department of Natural Resources have done extensive research every year to monitor the various populations and determine where they stand. These recordings show at what levels wildlife species are compatible with the activity of humans in the immediate area. One popular example of this is the control of the deer population. A certain number of hunting tags are delivered. This allows the population to remain healthy and growing without so many deer that they must wander into highways and neighborhoods looking for food.

Because of the financial contribution made by gun and ammunition companies, more money has been put towards wildlife preservation. These financial contributions and control of population, as well as general understanding within the public is what will continue to help wildlife thrive.

Posted 8/3/2014 6:00 PM