• You will first need the serial number on the safe (located on the right hand side of the safe, top left hand corner). Without the serial number, there is no way to be able to determine the MRC of the safe.


  • We must verify ownership of the safe. This can be done by:

Contacting the dealer you purchased your safe from (we will release the number to the dealer)
Going to a local Law Enforcement Agency (we will release the number to the officer)
Submitting proof of purchase
Notarized letter noting ownership of the safe.

Submit a Help Request located under the Contact Us tab. Be sure to include the following:

Serial Number
First and Last Name
Phone Number
E-mail Address
Proof of ownership (Let us know what dealer/officer needs to be contacted and their contact information if this is the method being used)

Please allow for 24-48 hours to verify the information and provide the MRC