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With more than 50 years of experience, Cannon Safe is the most trusted name in protection. Each of our safes uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure that your precious possessions remain safe and secure.

We are extremely confident in the quality of our products—that’s why all of our safes come with the Cannon Guarantee. That means we’ll replace your safe if it is severely damaged as a result of a fire or attempted burglary.

Here are just three of the reasons a Cannon safe is essential for every home:

  1. Cannon Safes protect against theft and burglary. Cannon Safes are designed with your security in mind. Our safes have proven effective against crowbars, shotgun blasts, and many other tools commonly used by burglars. In short, a Cannon Safe will keep your firearms, jewelry, important documents, cash, and other valuables secure.
  2. Cannon Safes protect against natural disasters. Our safes are tested under the most extreme conditions and the hottest temperatures, and they are specifically designed to withstand raging infernos. Our proprietary, 3-fin intumescent seal will also keep smoke from entering your safe and causing damage.
  3. Cannon Safes keep guns out of the hands of children. Our safes are the most secure and foolproof way to ensure that your firearms stay out of the wrong hands.

Don’t leave the security of your most precious possessions to chance—when it comes to keeping your valuables safe, nothing protects like a Cannon!