A Safe Family is a Cannon Family

Stories of the strength ofCannon Safe

Imagine coming home to find your home- your sanctuary from the outside world- violated by a burglar, consumed by fire, or destroyed by natural disaster. There are few things that have such a traumatic impact on one's peace of mind. Which is why we at Cannon dwell on the very possibility with every safe we design, build, and ultimately, stand behind. We want to make sure that should the unthinkable ever happen to you, that your most precious valuables will always be as you left them- safe and secure.

Elton Karr

Shop/Man Cave catches fire

On January 17th, 2014 in Detroit, AL, Elton Karr's shop, better known as his "MAN CAVE", went up in flames...

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Briley Family Fire

saves family from greater loss

On February 21, 2012, my husband, my 15 year old daughter and myself were awakened to our house being on fire...

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Mike and Diane's Safe


Mike and Diane, from Baton Rouge, LA, reported that in 2006 their home was broken into twice. The first burglary happened...

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Doug Cummings House

lightning strikes- cannon survives

His family watched as their house and belongings burnt to the ground for five hours. Little did Doug know that two years before...

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Morris Family's Safe

survives hour-long house fire

The group of fireman spent 20 minutes trying to pry open his safe with hammers and pry bars with no success. Finally they brought a generator...

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Richard Pearce's House

Survives an Arkansas Tornado

I sent the Insurance report and pictures of the safe and Kenny said they would ship me a new safe in 4 to 6 weeks NO CHARGE...

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Fraser Heston's Safe

Attack With an Oxyacetylene Torch

His family’s house was being remodeled. Burglars entered his home with an oxyacetylene torch in hand and immediately went to...

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The Smith's Extraordinary Tale

Dragged Over 1½ Miles

They dragged the safe through the exiting front door of the house. Then they proceeded a mile and a half down the street...

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Mike Russo's Safe

Couldn't be Opened by Burglar

We realized that the Cannon Safe had successfully and reliably saved our most valued possessions and kept an arsenal of weapons...

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Mickey Mantle signed baseball

survives devastating house fire

The room was filled with smoke – I couldn’t breathe and I didn’t know where the fire was...

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