A Safe Family is a Cannon Family

Doug Cummings' Cannon Safe lightning strikes and cannon survives

Tractor Supply Co.

Doug Cummings of Corbin, KY proudly boasted to Cannon Safe. His wife, mother-in-law and Doug were watching TV on June 6, 2011 as a storm brewed; they heard a loud crash that “sounded like a plain glass window shattering.”

Doug quickly went outside to inspect his home. When he heard the fire alarms upstairs go off, he didn’t think much of it because he was looking for a broken window. Once he walked inside and smelled the smoke, he knew there was a fire. His family, including his daughter with their family dog, quickly grabbed what they could and waited for the firemen to arrive.

His family watched as their house and belongings burnt to the ground for five hours. Little did Doug know that two years before, he made one of the best investments of his life. He purchased two Cannon Safes from his local Tractor Supply Company; two TS6040 Wide Body Safes.

After the fire, the firemen asked if there was anything Doug had of importance that they could try and find for him in the ash and rubble. Doug told them about the jewelry armoire where his wife kept some of her jewelry. They were all destroyed. Next, firemen decided to enter his two home safes, but were expecting the worst. Doug waited with his family thinking of the birth certificates, cash, family jewelry, numerous firearms and most importantly, the ring his parents gave him for graduation.

Around the corner from the skeleton that was his house, came eight firemen with their arms filled of guns, documents, cash and to Doug’s relief, his graduation ring filled with the memories of his parents. “There were items that can never be replaced in my safes,” Doug quietly said as he retold the story. “Everything in my safes survived the fire.”

A natural disaster like this “turns your life upside down” and Doug was thrilled to find out how simple it was to get two new safes after such an event. “Cannon’s warranty is a pleasant surprise. I was waiting for the catch but there never was one. There were just two new safes at my house shortly after I filed my claim over the phone,” Doug stated.

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