A Safe Family is a Cannon Family

Fraser Heston's Cannon Safe Burgulars Attack With an Oxyacetylene Torch

“Thank you for a great product,” said Fraser Heston of Los Angeles, CA after describing to Cannon Safe what happened after a burglary at his home. His family’s house was being remodeled and as the contractor doing the work, left for the night he locked up all his tools in a large lockup. Luckily the Heston’s were gone that night as a burglary took place.

The burglars entered his home with an oxyacetylene torch in hand and immediately went to the tool lockup. Using the torch they entered and unloaded all of the contractor’s tools into their truck but then the Cannon Safe sitting in the corner of the room caught their eyes.

They started to use the oxyacetylene torch against the lock, being that the lock is protected by 3 double sided layers of hardened 60 RC steel, it is no wonder that they could not enter the safe. The burglars didn’t stop there; they decided to turn their attention to the frame of the door. Working on over two feet of the door frame with a torch that reaches temperatures of over 3000 degrees the burglars thought they should have gained access. Little did they know they were up against a Cannon Safe, designed and engineered with you in mind. Our doors are composite doors with a minimum 4 inch thickness and are secured with 4 inch long active locking bolts. Even an oxyacetylene torch cannot penetrate the Heston’s family Cannon Safe.

Cannon Safes Keep You Safe

The burglars gave up trying to enter the Cannon and left, “unable to get into the safe and the contents were secure,” said Fraser. He also added, “This is an incredible safe and I would trust it with my most valuable possessions. And by the way, the safe was guaranteed and replaced free of charge with excellent customer service.” Fraser was talking about the industry’s #1 warranty, the Cannon Lifetime Warranty. Our Hassle-Free NO COST repair or replacement of your safe after a natural flood, attempted break-in, actual break-in or fire disaster.

A story like the Heston Families is why we stand by our motto that “A Safe Family is a Cannon Family™.”