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Mickey Mantle signed baseball survives devastating house fire

On October 29th, Cannon Safe owner Glynn Barnes was awaken to the sound of his fire alarm blaring at 3:30 in the morning. That night Glynn’s home and possessions were destroyed by a devastating fire leaving rubble and his scorched Cannon Safe.

"The room was filled with smoke – I couldn’t breathe and I didn’t know where the fire was. I was in my second story bedroom and managed to pull open a window and jump out unharmed. I got lucky."

Later Glynn learned that the fire that burnt for hours erupted in his basement and spread throughout the house. The basement was also where Glynn kept his Cannon Safe. Although most of his home was ruined by the fire, fortunately, inside Glynn’s safe was his baseball signed by boyhood hero Mickey Mantle.

As a lifetime Yankee and Mickey Mantle fan, to Glynn, the value of this possession was much more than could be calculated in dollars and cents. Given to him by his wife of 21 years, it reminds him of his childhood days of watching baseball with his dad.

"I don’t even know what the street value of the baseball is. To me it’s so much more than that, It’s the value of my memories."

This story and countless others like it are why we proudly stand behind our motto that "A Safe Family is a Cannon Family."

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