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The house was totaled...

Richard Pearce's Cannon Safe Survives an Arkansas Tornado

After his home was struck by a tornado, Richard Pearce from Hot Springs, AK was kind enough to send us this testimonial about his experience:

A tree was ripped from the ground and crashed through Richard’s House

"My family and I went through a tornado on April 25 2011. The house was totaled and had a lot of water from the holes in the roof. My Cannon Patriot protected my guns with no problems. I moved it to a friend’s garage and about six weeks later on June 10 I went to put a couple of guns back and noticed mold on the bottom and sides. I called Cannon and asked what to do, a rep named Kenny asked if the mold was on the sides and back I said yes he then told me the safe would have to be replaced.

Our Patriot Safe after meeting a tornado that destroyed an entire town

I sent the Insurance report and pictures of the safe and Kenny said they would ship me a new safe in 4 to 6 weeks NO CHARGE period!! Received my new safe on July 6, this company is awesome!! Thanks Cannon for a great product and great service.”

Inside of Richard’s house after the tornado