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Mike Russo's Cannon Safe Couldn't be Opened by Burglar

Safe PhotoRecently, we received an email from Mike Russo in New York regarding a burglary at his home last November. Mike was kind enough to send us a copy of both the police report and pictures of the minimal damage done to his safe after several failed attempts to pry it open.

According to the police report, “The unknown person (s) did enter through a side window without permission or authority to do so. Suspects also attempted to pry open a gun locker with negative results.”

We want to thank Mike Russo and his wife, Gina, for sending in this wonderful testimonial! Read the full letter below to find out how Cannon Safes kept their valuables protected:

To whom it may concern,

My name is Mike Russo and my wife and I own a Cannon Safe. We purchased the safe because, between the two of us, me being an avid hunter and my wife a now retired NYC police officer, have many rifles and handguns in our possession. Besides the weapons, we also keep all of the family jewelry and valuable papers, including birth certificates, vehicle titles, bonds and many documents containing personal and financial information within the safe.

I am writing to you because just recently, on November 30, 2010 my house was burglarized, in spite of the alarm we also have, and an attempt was made by the thieves to gain entry into the safe. After inspecting the safe it was obvious the thieves attempted to pry the door open with a crow bar or similar type of tool. It is apparent that even if they had all night to work on it…they would not have been successful.

My wife and I were very relieved, to say the least, when we realized that the Cannon Safe had successfully and reliably saved our most valued possessions and kept an arsenal of weapons and police paraphernalia, not to mention possible identity theft, out of some very dangerous and unsavory hands. The damage that could have occurred had the thieves been successful in gaining entry into that safe is beyond comprehension, both personally and publicly.

It’s not just us, but the safety of hundreds, maybe thousands, of lives that have been protected as a result of your product. We would recommend this product to any and everyone we know and have all ready spread the word to our circle of family and friends who, like us, are either hunters or law enforcement. Many of them have been as impressed as we were by the product’s ability to provide peace of mind. Your lifetime guarantee against fire, theft and flooding is another reason we, as Cannon Safe owners, feel confident we are getting a high quality product from a high quality company.

Enclosed are pictures of the safe, the various weapons inside and the police report from the date of the incident.

In closing, I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You for providing a product that is everything (and more) it was advertised to be. I, we, would not hesitate to buy from your company again.

Mike Russo

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