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The Morris Family's Cannon Safe survives hour-long house fire

"The only thing standing after the fire was my Cannon Safe." That's what Tom Morris from Ruston, LA told Cannon Safe on the phone just days after his entire home was destroyed in an electrical fire. The fire burned so hot neighbors heard the tires of his car burst while fireman fought the blaze that burned for over an hour. Once the fire was out and Tom and his family were safe, the fireman had one objective in mind and that was to open Tom's Cannon Safe smoking in the rubble.

The group of fireman spent 20 minutes trying to pry open his safe with hammers and pry bars with no success. Finally they brought a generator to the scene and used the Jaws of Life to open the safe. After an hour long fire, 20 minutes of prying and hammering the door, it took the fireman an extra 10 minutes to open the safe with the Jaws of Life.

To the relief of Tom and the surprise of the firemen, many of Tom's pistols and rifles were covered in soot, but with a little cleaning, they survived the fire and were still in working condition. "I have used those guns many times since the fire and they still work great," boasted Tom.

After an ordeal like this Tom was not looking forward to contacting every company with whom he had warranties and insurance, as he was expecting the runaround. He was pleased after calling Cannon's customer service once he realized that he was not only going to get NO HASSLE support but quick customer service and a brand new safe FREE of charge. "Out of all the companies I dealt with after the tragedy of losing my home in a fire, Cannon Safe was the most helpful and easiest to deal with."

The Cannon Warranty is the only warranty in the safe industry that will fix or replace your safe after a fire, natural flood, burglary or attempted burglary for the lifetime of the safe - no matter who the owner is - for FREE. Tom added, "You don't know how much we appreciate Cannon and all they did for us after such a horrible day." We are proud to stand behind our number 1 warranty in the industry and be one less worry for our customers after a tragedy like the Morris' Family.

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