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Hurricane Preparedness Tips

Hurricane Preparedness Tips Share evacuation plans with family members so they know where you're headed.  Run ice makers on overdrive now! Fill up freezer bags with ice and fill as much space in between your freezer items as you can. Freeze tap water for pets, cleaning or drinking in Tupperware-type containers. REMEMBER to leave [...]

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Safe Firearm Storage Ideas

Safe Firearm Storage Ideas Now that you have decided to own a firearm and have it in your possession, you need to decide where to keep it. There’s no doubt it will be safe and secure in a gun safe from Cannon Safe. But what if the safe is in the basement, and you [...]

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Smart Homes and Data Safes

Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Homes and Data Safes What seems like not very long ago, I was being told that one day, my refrigerator would text me that I needed more milk and that my light fixtures would do likewise when one of the bulbs burned out. What sounded like science fiction is [...]

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Estate Tips & Best Way to Store Paper Documents

Beyond the Grave: Estate Tips and the Best Way to Store Paper Documents You’re a planner. You have thought about what needs to be done in most circumstances and have all the answers for whatever crisis there might be. But at some point, we all leave this world and only our stuff remains behind. A Last [...]

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5 Factors to Consider When Buying a Safe

Buying a safe requires considering a number of important factors, including the desired use of the safe and the characteristics of the safe itself that will ensure that your investment is worthwhile. A quality constructed safe will feature a number of aspects that set it apart as a piece of quality equipment. These include everything from [...]

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How to Move a Safe

Whether you are transporting your safe to a different location of the house, or moving across the country, the idea of moving a heavy object around, with or without your belongings inside it, can be a daunting task, especially when stairs are involved. Our safes can weigh well over a thousand pounds, for a couple [...]

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Most people would agree that summer time is the most enjoyable season of all: it’s a time for gorgeous weather, barbecues with friends, family vacations and lazy afternoons at the pool. But did you know that it’s also the #1 season for home invasion crimes? Fine weather brings out the best in us, but [...]

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