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Most people would agree that summer time is the most enjoyable season of all: it’s a time for gorgeous weather, barbecues with friends, family vacations and lazy afternoons at the pool. But did you know that it’s also the #1 season for home invasion crimes? Read More
Posted 7/11/2016 3:21 PM

Other Why You Need EMP Technology

Your safe is all about keeping your belongings protected. It is crucial to get the best safe technology available to ensure you won’t have any problems, from break-ins to young hands. For your next safe, consider investing in one with the EMP locking system. This will give you more peace of mind than anything else.

What is it?

Electronic-mechanical protection is the best way to keep your electrical

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Posted 7/5/2016 3:11 PM

Product Information Tips for Purchasing the Perfect Safe

gray safe Purchasing the right safe for your home is important, consider these factors when making your decision. Read More
Posted 6/27/2016 2:17 PM

Product Information Fireproofing: The hottest feature for any safe.

When you set out to purchase home safes, you look for a number of important features including: solid construction, tamper-proof access, optimum storage space and aesthetic good looks.

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Posted 5/11/2016 5:37 PM

Security Tips Ridiculous Places to Store Guns

People are always coming up with new ways to store their guns instead of safes. Check out some of the most creative, interesting and ridiculous ways people are storing their firearms. Read More
Posted 4/26/2016 7:56 AM

Other How To Choose The Right Caliber For Your Game

Hunters love to argue the merits of their favorite rifle and caliber but for the sake of this infographic we are going to cover calibers. Read More
Posted 4/13/2016 3:12 PM

Security Tips Top Reasons to Invest in a Home Safe

cannon safe

A home safe can be just the solution you need to keep your belongings safe from wandering hands. While this is as true as it ever was, there are even more reasons than this as to why you should invest in a home safe for additional protection. Take a look at the top reasons why you should make this investment, and how this will benefit you in the long

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Posted 3/29/2016 11:48 AM

Other How To Move a Gun Safe

Whether you are transporting your safe to a different location of the house, or moving across the country, the idea of moving the heavy object around, with or without things inside, can be a daunting task, especially when stairs are involved. Our safes can weigh well over a thousand pounds, for a couple of different reasons. Read More
Posted 3/9/2016 3:15 PM

Other Famous Guns

Put your movie knowledge to the ultimate test by matching these firearms with their famous debut. Read More
Posted 2/18/2016 4:08 PM

Security Tips 4 Home Security Tips

security tips

It seems as though home security is becoming even more critical as break-ins and home robberies are becoming all too common. Ensure that your home security is up to anything that can be thrown your way. Follow these four home security tips, making updates to the structure of your home. This may be just the thing you need to deter potential thieves from

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Posted 2/2/2016 12:29 PM