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Selecting a Self-Defense Weapon

There are a lot of reasons to have a weapon that’s primary role is for self-defense of you or someone you want to protect.  There are also many weapons that can be used in the role of self-defense.  In this case, I want to address some firearms that are used for self-defense and provide [...]

By |2018-07-18T07:11:43-05:00December 14th, 2017|Security Tips|1 Comment

New Home Fires Burn Faster

Everything seems to be getting faster.  Technology and attitudes both provide and demand ways of getting from point A to point B quicker, be it in communications, medical diagnoses, security checkpoints, or delivery of Internet-based store products.  While changes to our world’s speed of doing business have generally improved our quality of life, some [...]

By |2018-07-18T07:03:03-05:00November 1st, 2017|Security Tips|1 Comment

Hurricane Preparedness Tips

Hurricane Preparedness Tips Share evacuation plans with family members so they know where you're headed.  Run ice makers on overdrive now! Fill up freezer bags with ice and fill as much space in between your freezer items as you can. Freeze tap water for pets, cleaning or drinking in Tupperware-type containers. REMEMBER to leave [...]

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Safe Firearm Storage Ideas

Safe Firearm Storage Ideas Now that you have decided to own a firearm and have it in your possession, you need to decide where to keep it. There’s no doubt it will be safe and secure in a gun safe from Cannon Safe. But what if the safe is in the basement, and you [...]

By |2018-07-18T06:57:45-05:00July 28th, 2017|News & Events|4 Comments

New Home Inspection Checklist

New Home Inspection Checklist What to Look for When Inspecting a House Your home is your castle, so be sure the one you want is ready for your reign. Before you move into a new home, make sure that it is structurally safe and capable of providing you a secure and enjoyable living space. Additionally, [...]

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Personal Safety Tips: Part 2

Personal Safety Tips Part 2: Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes  In the first part of our Self-Defense Tips series, we explained that when forced to defend yourself using only your bodily features, there are some simple concepts to consider – such as using your voice, hands, and fingernails. In this second part, we’ll provide additional [...]

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Smart Homes and Data Safes

Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Homes and Data Safes What seems like not very long ago, I was being told that one day, my refrigerator would text me that I needed more milk and that my light fixtures would do likewise when one of the bulbs burned out. What sounded like science fiction is [...]

By |2018-07-18T06:39:36-05:00June 14th, 2017|News & Events|2 Comments
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