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Benefits to Bolting Down a Safe in Your

Home Safe Installation: Bolting Down a Safe Protecting and safely storing your weapons and valuables is essential to preventing theft. Having a quality gun or home safe is part of this, and one way to ensure that it is even less vulnerable is to bolt down the safe to the floor. Bolting down a safe [...]

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Gun Storage Tips for Maintaining Your Safe

A home safe is an investment that can last a lifetime. A quality made safe can provide many decades of security for your personal valuables. To maximize the life of your safe, you should take steps to regularly maintain it, inside and out. This involves maintaining the functionality of the operating mechanisms, cleaning the interior [...]

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5 Factors to Consider When Buying a Safe

Buying a safe requires considering a number of important factors, including the desired use of the safe and the characteristics of the safe itself that will ensure that your investment is worthwhile. A quality constructed safe will feature a number of aspects that set it apart as a piece of quality equipment. These include everything from [...]

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How to Move a Safe

Whether you are transporting your safe to a different location of the house, or moving across the country, the idea of moving a heavy object around, with or without your belongings inside it, can be a daunting task, especially when stairs are involved. Our safes can weigh well over a thousand pounds, for a couple [...]

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What Do Fire Resistance Ratings on Safes Mean?

High quality safes should come with a fire resistance rating to signify that the safe has been extensively tested to resist high temperature from fires and protect the contents of the safe from destruction. There are a couple different testing sources for safe fire ratings, each performing and measuring their fire test slightly differently. All [...]

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What To Keep in a Safe Besides Guns

When it comes to safes, guns are the most common items to store, and for good reason. It ensures protection in your home from children, as well as potential intruders. But safes are for home valuables, as well. There are probably other items in your home that you want to protect from damage, theft, or simply [...]

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Have you recently been the victim of a home burglary or an unexpected fire? Did you lose irreplaceable or expensive items?Whether you have endure these terrible situations or are looking for a way to avoid them, consider purchasing a safe to put your valuables in. Not only do Cannon Safes protect the items inside [...]

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Most people would agree that summer time is the most enjoyable season of all: it’s a time for gorgeous weather, barbecues with friends, family vacations and lazy afternoons at the pool. But did you know that it’s also the #1 season for home invasion crimes? Fine weather brings out the best in us, but [...]

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