Personal Safes For Any Age

The best way to have peace of mind is ensuring that all your valuables are well protected whether you are away for college, business trip or at home. The safety of your personal belongings is a must. According to a recent American homeowners’ survey from Allstate, Millennial’s are more likely to value their possessions than their elders.

Check out these 5 reasons why Cannon Edge is perfect for Millennials’ unique and diverse lifestyle.

  • Modern and Stylish Design: Millennial’s are known for self-expression and associating with brands that represent them and their personality. The Cannon Edge safe blends right into any modern design and provides cutting-edge security. The first to offer 5 different colors (Apple Green, Spark Yellow, Splash White & Blue, and Summer Orange) which makes it great for personal use in any home, apartment or dorm. It’s also available in a smaller size called the Edge Mini for those looking to save space. The EDGE gives you an option to protect your valuables while sticking to your style!

  • Lightweight: The Edge safe only weighs 46.30 lbs. while the Edge Mini weighs 37.48 lbs. This feature makes it convenient for placing in a top shelf while also securely bolting the back of the unit for maximum security. Alternatively when it comes time to move your safe while re-arranging your apartment, office, or coming home from your college dorm you don’t have to worry about leaving your security behind.

  • Unmatched Security: Don’t let these vibrant colors fool you! The Cannon Edge safe’s thick steel plate and dual alarm system provide superior protection and security mechanisms unparalleled to others on the market. The dual alarm system alerts you with its “Vibration Alarm Mode”, and “Sound Indicator” for any unauthorized access.

  • Lifetime Replacement Promise: Millennial’s value the importance of finding a brand they can trust and value spending their money wisely. Cannon Safes offers a lifetime replacement warranty promise on most of their products including the Cannon Edge which covers any damages from an attempted break-in, an actual break-in, fire, and a 1 year- warranty for workmanship. So you can set your mind at ease in knowing that Cannon Safe doesn’t only commit to protecting your most valuable possessions but also your peace of mind.

  • Get More Bang for Your Buck: Millennial’s are notorious for getting their money’s worth. The Edge Safe runs from an affordable $219.99 – $259.99 depending on the model of your choice. You are sure to get optimal value with top of the line features and a lifetime replacement promise. Stay confident that your valuables are safe and well protected in style.