How does the silica gel dehumidifier work?

When the indicator beads turn pink, the silica gel is saturated and needs to be reactivated. To reactivate the beads, place the entire unit (do not disassemble) in the oven at 325 Fahrenheit for at least 3 hours. Let the unit cool enough to handle, then return to the safe. Note: the indicating beads will [...]

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How often should I change my battery?

The frequency that you will have to change your battery varies by user. If you use your safe multiple times a day you may have to change your battery more frequently than someone who uses the safe three times a week. Just to be safe, we suggest changing the battery of your safe twice a [...]

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How do I use an electric dehumidifier in a safe without a power outlet?

An alternative option to an electric dehumidifier is our silica gel dehumidifier, which does not need electricity to operate. If you prefer the electrical option, Cannon Safes come with knockouts in the back to allow for the wiring of electrical systems to use with lights or dehumidifiers. When using the knockouts be careful not to [...]

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