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How often should I change my battery?

The frequency that you will have to change your battery varies by user. If you use your safe multiple times a day you may have to change your battery more frequently than someone who uses the safe three times a week. Just to be safe, we suggest changing the battery of your safe twice a [...]

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Changing the Battery – SecuRam Keypad

If possible, unlock the safe and leave the door open throughout the next steps. (It is always good practice to have the safe door open when working with the lock or keypad.) Twist the keypad ring clockwise and pull off Pull out the battery plug-in and connect the battery Slide the battery into the [...]

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Changing the Battery – NL Keypads

Unlock the safe and leave the door open throughout the next steps. Locate the battery tray on the bottom of the keypad Slide the door open and pull out battery plug-in Connect the battery and slide the battery into the tray Close the latch and test combination before shutting safe door [...]

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