The Importance of a Fireproof or Fire Rated Safe

When you set out to purchase home safes, you look for a number of important features including: solid construction, tamper-proof access, optimum storage space and aesthetic good looks. But what about the highest degrees of fire protection? If you think home fires are events that happen to “other people,” think again! The fact is that a new fire starts every 60 seconds in the United States alone. Here are just a few of the latest home fire statistics reported by the National Fire Protection Association®:

  • In 2008, fire fighters responded to 386,500 home-related fires
  • These fires resulted in 13,160 injuries and 2,755 deaths
  • Home fires caused $8.2 billion in property damage and loss

If you plan on using your safe to protect essential valuables such as cash, jewelry, important documents, guns and so forth, ask yourself this question: if my home experiences a fire, will my safe be fireproof enough to take the heat?

Not All “Fireproof” Ratings Are Created Equal

Safes that are promoted as being “fireproof” must meet certain standards and will be given two ratings: one for the highest temperature limit that it can withstand while still protecting contents, and one for how long it can withstand exposure to these temperatures. ETL testing is considered the industry standard, and is the most reliable means of measuring fireproofing in the market today.

When researching safes, be wary of those that have undergone laboratory “testing” other than through Intertek-ETL: it’s simply too easy for these manufacturers to exaggerate claims. For example, if a safe is NOT tested at an accredited testing facility such as Intertek, the manufacturer may use heat resistance measurements of a very small safe and apply them to their larger model in order to exaggerate fireproofing claims. Or the manufacturer may only use heat sensors on the bottom area of a safe during testing and not in the upper area, which will also distort the final fire resistance figures.

The bottom line is that not all fireproof ratings are created equal, so make sure you only purchase home safes that are tested, verified and certified by an accredited independent testing facility like Intertek. When you purchase a product from Cannon Safe, you can be sure that its fireproof rating says what it means and means what it says when it comes to high temperature resistance.

Hopefully your home will never become a fire statistic: but if disaster strikes, knowing your documents and valuables are protected in a Cannon Safe will give you the peace of mind to get through it. For more information on fire ratings or our safes contact Cannon at 800-242-1055 or online.


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