People love a good deal, no matter what it is. Whether we save $10 or $10,000; savings make us feel like we are on top of the world! Retailers are very aware of this and use it to their advantage, this is the main reason the cheapest safe isn’t the best deal. When being pressured into buying a cheap safe because “some protection is better than none at all” remember this guide. By saying NO to the thin metal safe that can be easily pried open or damaged, you are saving yourself money in the long run and frustration. After all you are purchasing a safe to keep some of your most precious belongings safe, so doesn’t it make sense to buy a product that would actually do that?

Invest in the best you can afford even if you have to stretch your budget just a little to do so. You won’t be sorry, since safes don’t easily wear over time. Spend the money for the size, protection, and features you want. Quality is always the most cost effective way to go in the long run. Decide on your budget and buy the safe from a company you can trust. One that not only offers quality, but that will stand behind your purchase for life. Follow the main components of the gun safe buying guide to help you decide on a quality safe.


Think about your current collection, are you going to expand it anytime soon? What will you be securing in your safe; pistols, rifles, or both?


Fire protection is an important quality in safes because you want to be sure your valuables will be protected inside the safe. Make sure the safe you purchase is ETL verified. Every Cannon safe is either ETL 30, 60, 75 or 90 minute/1200°F verified.


Do you want a warranty that covers repairs and replacements? Do you want a warranty that covers you for a short period of time or for a lifetime? Cannon Safe offers a lifetime replacement or repair warranty that covers break-ins, fires, and floods at no charge. We also offer free labor, free parts, and free freight after the disaster occurs. Every manufacturer offers different policies so this is an important factor to consider in the purchase cost and the future costs if an accident or disaster occurs.


Make sure you know the weight, size and dimensions of the safe you want prior to going shopping. It’s important to know whether or not you have enough space in your home or office for the safe. Also consider additional internal space for securing valuables, important documents, prized collections, etc.


Knowing the features you want in your safe is a major factor in deciding which safe to purchase. The features you want or need will depend on how you plan on using your safe. To check out what features Cannon Safe’s offer click here! Below are some of the features we find most important in a reliable safe.

DOORS should be at least 4” or thicker, and come with three layers of extra hard, 60+ steel hard plates that protect the lock. These double-sided pieces of steel stop a burglar from meddling with your lock to break into the safe. Cannon uses double steel doors also for added security and fire protection.

BOLTING LOCKS prevent the wiggle room between your safe and bolt which is the easiest target when burglars break into your safe. Anti-pry tabs are essential to your safes safety and keeping your bolts secure. These bolts add up to 400% more strength to your bolt in the event a burglar tries to pry it open. Cannon protects its safes with 4” bolts, most safe companies only use 2” bolts.

ELECTRONIC LOCK is commercial grade type 1 in Cannon safes. The electronic lock also has a lighted keypad that shines on your lock with the press of a button for quick access, even in the dark. Cannon Safe has created an EMP Lock which is both an electronic and mechanical lock found exclusively on Cannon safes. This lock offers immediate access, simplicity, and day-today security of an electronic lock backed by the access assurance of a manual combination lock.

RE-LOCKERS are ½” diameter spring-loaded for tamper protection on the lock. These should be installed in every safe if you want extra protection for your valuables.

LOCK PROTECTION, Cannon has installed 3 layers of 60+Rockwell c scale steel hard-plate to protect the lock.

TRIPLE FIN INTUMESCENT is built into the door frame as a heat seal to protect your valuables inside the safe from damage in the event of a fire. The material expands with heat to protect the contents from heat and smoke.

POWER SUPPLY & MEDIA OUTLET is located inside your safe which allows you to plug in a humidifier or other electronics.

If you haven’t already we encourage you to research more information regarding the choices you have for a safe by checking out Look at all of the factors, take notes, and be well-informed before you purchase your new safe. This is more than just a purchase, it’s an important decision that can protect your family and valuables inside your home. Have more questions, give us a call at (800) 222-1055, we are happy to answer them. Happy Holidays from the Cannon Family to Yours!


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