Home Safe Installation: Bolting Down a Safe

Protecting and safely storing your weapons and valuables is essential to preventing theft. Having a quality gun or home safe is part of this, and one way to ensure that it is even less vulnerable is to bolt down the safe to the floor. Bolting down a safe makes it considerably less vulnerable to theft and is a great additional security measure. Safes can be breached any number of ways, but large and small safes are often tipped and hauled away.

Most quality safes come with a bolt hole in the bottom of the safe to enable anchoring, so when shopping for a safe or considering how to improve the security of your safe, consider an anchor point a valuable security detail and an attribute of quality construction.

Bolting a Safe Increase Theft Prevention

The primary reasoning behind bolting a home safe to the ground or to a reliable surface is to prevent theft of the safe and its contents. Safes are often not cracked on site; they are hauled away and opened remotely. Fortunately, safe technology has advanced and large safes, such as rifle safes, are virtually impossible to haul away without dedicated moving equipment and a good deal of manual help. More safes are also built with anchor points–even smaller models–and the construction and technology makes them increasingly difficult to breach. Bio-metric technology and fire resistance are important features of safe security that compliment anchoring to help guard against theft and breaches.

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