Home safes for every person, every lifestyle

When most people think about home safes, they imagine Hollywood-sized black vaults set in concrete, containing stacks of cash and jewels. And, since so few average people have piles of money and diamonds, they don’t think they have a need for a home safe.

Unfortunately, they are wrong. Everyone has something they don’t want stolen, lost or damaged, and that’s where Cannon Safe and Stack-On Products come into the consumer picture.

Cannon Safe and Stack-On, part of the Alpha Guardian family, bring decades of experience in delivering peace of mind to homeowners, apartment dwellers and anyone who has cherished items to safeguard.

While you may not have Crown Jewels to protect, odds are good that you have a passport, insurance or other identity documents that you don’t want falling into the wrong hands. Or, you have your grandmother’s photo albums and want to ensure they are protected from harm. Maybe you have all the latest tech and need a place to securely store your cameras, tablets, external drives and other gear.

No matter what you have to protect, Cannon Safe and Stack-On can help you safeguard it without putting a big dent in your wallet.

Take our Home Office line from Cannon Safe. Sized just right, these fire-rated safes deliver outstanding performance against theft and fire, but fit right into your home décor. Our electronic keypad lock makes it easy to access use, but prevents unwanted access.

Or, if you are a renter or have roommates, our new Edge Safe may be the choice for you. Offered in a wide variety of sizes and bright colors, the Edge safe blends right into any modern design but provides cutting-edge security.

Safes from Cannon Safe and Stack-On should be a part of every home’s décor, stylishly providing secure storage and peace of mind no matter what you want to protect.

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