Ever wondered how combination locks work? A Cannon Safe takes the very basics of combination locks and elevates them to a new level of security. While the typical bike lock may be easy to break, the combinations and additional security set these safes apart. With the turn dial, there is included an electronic lock and a mechanical lock. This along with anti-pry tabs, internal hinges, and triple hard plates make this safe impossible for intruders to open. Lets go inside a combination lock and look at the most basic parts to discover how the different mechanisms work to keep others away from your valuables.

The Basics

In most types of combination locks, there is a wheel pack that is used to carry out the function. This is a group of wheels that understand the password, and once it is dialed in will allow you to open the lock. While every wheel pack follows the same principle, it is the additional security features that will make the difference.

With a combination lock, there is a dial on the face. This is the part of the lock that most people are familiar with. This lock attaches behind to a spindle, which goes through wheels and attaches at the back to a drive cam. The number of wheels that can be found behind the dial is equal to the numbers in the combination. In addition to the spindle, a drive pin is located against the top of the drive cam. It will make contact with what is known as the wheel fly on the back wheel, in turn making each wheel spin.

As the dial is spun the drive pin will make contact with each of the wheel flies, causing the whole wheel to spin. As it moves down the line it will cause each wheel to spin. In addition to a fly, each of the wheels has a notch as well. The right combination will cause each of the notches to line up. At this point the fence, which runs parallel to the spindle, will rest in each of the notches as they reach their appropriate place. If the fence does not fall into the gap created by the notches, it will prevent the lock from opening.

The mechanisms behind a safe are simple, yet made complex by the security behind it. With a Cannon safe, the combination lock is only the beginning of protection. In addition to this there are many security features that take the safety of a combination lock and elevate it to a higher level.

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