How to Keep Your Home Safe When You Travel

As you plan and prepare for an extended vacation, start taking steps to keep your home safe when you travel by securing your home and valuables. After booking your trip, use these tips to deter burglars and protect your home while on vacation.

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8 Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe While on Vacation

Ensure your peace of mind on vacation by securing the inside and outside of your home prior to leaving. To secure the inside of your house, use a checklist of things to do after you finish packing and before you leave. Make a habit of securing the inside of your house for both short and long trips.

Securing the outside of your home, however, may require more work and effort. Consider ways to secure the outside of your home a few weeks or months before an extended trip. Then, install safety devices and additional lighting on the outside of your house to further protect your property.

How to Protect the Outside of Your Home

1. Notify Your Local Police

Leaving for a week? Two? Or even longer? Consider notifying your local police station and ask if officers could perform routine house checks while you’re on vacation. If you live in a smaller town with local law enforcement, the police may go out of their way to drive by your house while on patrol. Local police departments offering free vacation checks typically assign an officer to a home to drive by every other day.

2. Arrange for Someone to Perform House Checks While You’re on Vacation

In addition to police vacation checks, arrange for a friend, family member, or neighbor to perform daily house checks while you’re traveling. Where the police check and prevent suspicious behavior, asking a neighbor or friend to check on your house gives the appearance of normal, daily activity. Ask your neighbor to pick up newspapers, packages or mail that is delivered to prevent things from piling up outside, making your house appear unoccupied.

3. Add Exterior Lights with Timers or Motion Sensors

Install exterior lights to your house prior to taking a vacation or trip. Since it is more likely for a home-invader to be scoping your property at night, turning on outside lights helps prevent suspicious activity around your home. Use timers or motion sensors to turn outside lights on while you’re traveling and to save costs on electricity.

4. Install Security Cameras

A variety of security devices adds another layer of protection to your home. Additionally, technological advances in outdoor security cameras make them more affordable and more discreet. Security cameras helps deter or even catch criminals. Some outdoor security cameras connect to mobile devices and send regular alerts about activity around your home.

How to Protect the Inside Your Home

1. Secure Doors & Windows

Although it seems obvious, lock all doors and windows. Consider additional safety measures for certain doors, like sliding glass doors and garage doors. If you have a sliding glass door, drop an appropriately-sized rod or piece of wood into the slide track. Take extra precaution with sliding doors to prevent a home-invader from forcing the lock and opening the door.

2. Lock Up Valuables

If you don’t already have a safe to keep valuables, consider getting one before a trip. A Cannon Safe Home Safe keeps valuables stored and out of plain sight whenever you leave your house. By storing valuables in a home safe, you protect your items from fires and natural disasters, in addition to burglars, when away from your home. Cannon Safe offers a variety of home safes, both large and small, to fit anywhere in your home without sacrificing protection.

3. Install Timers on Electronics

Using timers on electronics and lights inside your home helps give the appearance of normal activity while you’re traveling. Use timers to reduce electricity costs, prevent fires or power surges and keep things working in your house when you’re not there. 

4. Keep Décor and Furniture as Is

It’s tempting to move furniture, close blinds or draw curtains before a trip. However, if you normally keep window treatments open in your home, closing them while you’re away could be an obvious signal to home-invaders.

Relax and enjoy an extended vacation by protecting and securing your home, indoors and out, before you leave. Learn more about the Cannon Safe brand promise and how you can choose the right safe for your needs. Browse the Cannon Safe home safe collection then find a national retailer near you today.