Most people will begin their home safety trek by purchasing a firearm before any other security measure. Although, firearms are a viable source of protection, over reliance on this single form of security can leave you and your family at risk. Alternatively, some people will only purchase a safe to protect their valuables, because they believe the weight and strength of the steel will be quintessential.  Keep in mind that no single form of security is 100% reliable. It’s possible for opportunistic criminals to find their way through even the toughest defense arsenal. Therefore, the most effective home defense systems are those that incorporate multiple levels of home security to better protect your valuables and loved ones. Consider taking action by combining a variety of tactics that will not only protect you in case of an intruder, but also help to avert tragedy from happening in the first place.

We understand that protecting your family and securing your home is a top priority. Although, taking the appropriate steps to do so is not always clear. For that reason, we have identified different security measures you should consider when creating a layered home protection plan.

Check back next week to see how the best home protection plans are created in layers.