Layers of Security Continued

In our last post, we discussed that no single form of home security is 100% reliable. Today we give you some additional security layers to consider adding to your home safety plan.

Home Safes

Store firearms, memorabilia, documents, jewelry and so much more in this security layer to ensure that your household has a backup plan in case of a disaster. Whether it be a burglary, fire, or natural disaster a reliable home safe can provide peace of mind.

Security Systems

This layer of security alerts you when an unauthorized visitor is detected on your property or inside your home. Security systems have a control panel that can be combined with a CCTV system to visually see your property and sound an alarm when detection occurs. Investing in this security measure will ensure a safer environment for your family and valuables.


Dogs are an important part of any comprehensive home protection plan because, not only will their natural instincts provide protection for your family and property, but give affection without limitations. Either train or purchasing a dog to detect suspicious activity and act accordingly in case of a break-in to warrant home safety.

Security Gate

Around one-third of break-ins are committed through the front door so, it is vital to have a fortified entrance. Most front doors open into the home and this inswing construction makes it cinch for robbers to kick down. Whereas, the external security gate has an outswing construction, making it nearly impossible to kick in. Implementing a double layer front door will make your house look like a stronghold to burglars.

Well-Lit Property

Having a well-lit property eliminates any shadowy areas that an intruder could use to conceal themselves. Ultimately, this can prevent an intruder from stepping foot onto your property and breaking-in. As an added layer of security, consider using motion-sensing lights to save money and to notify you where the motion was detected on your property.

Yard Maintenance

Yard maintenance is another easy crime prevention measure that can keep your family and belongings safe. Keeping your hedges trimmed and as short as possible eliminates hiding places for criminals and increases the visibility of your property. This maintenance also portrays an occupied home in which, no burglar wants to enter.

Know Your Neighbor

This security layer is a cost-free alternative and can be one of the most beneficial. Having an extra set of eyes on your property, while you are home or away, can prevent criminal activity from happening. Proactive neighborhoods look out for each other and increase the safety of its people and property.