Adventure is Calling

Adventure doesn’t always have to mean something strenuous or outdoors. Sometimes a new adventure is moving in together and starting a family or even traveling the world. The traditions and memories that you create in these moments will last a lifetime, and sometimes they come along with tangible memories or valuables that need safekeeping. That’s where Cannon Safe comes into play. We have quality home safes to match every lifestyle. All of our safes come back by a lifetime warranty. Below are three safes perfect for newly cohabitating couples or first time home buyers. 

Our Landmark safe contains the essential security features in sizes perfect for tight spaces, such as closets, dorms, apartments, underneath desks, and other space-conscious locations. With a 30- minute fire rating with an easy access electronic keypad lock the narrow sizes are packed with adjustable shelves and pouches for your most precious valuables.

The Director safe may be small but is ideal for your home or office still loaded with all the security features in a smaller package yet in a sleek color. With a 75-minute fire rating and anti-pry tabs, the Director safe is an easy choice. These safes include an easy access electronic keypad lock, interior lighting, adjustable shelving, and a powered media box. Perfect for your valuables, heirlooms, and electronics to stay safe while you are away.

Holding up to 24 firearms, our Capital safe is perfect not just for your firearms but the items you hold valuable, such as cash, heirlooms, jewelry, electronics, and paperwork. A 30- minute fire rating with adjustable shelving, a door organizer kit, and a chrome three spoke handle makes this safe the perfect in-home safe to hold all the things that are near and dear to your heart while you are away.

Whether you’re out playing in a co-ed softball league, traveling the world, or playing board games in the house, be sure to have a reliable safe to protect all of the memories you’re creating.