4 Ways to Preserve Family Heirlooms

In today’s digital world, preserving physical items is becoming less and less common. Thanks to technology, many people simply replace or keep digital versions of important documents, legal records, identification cards, and more. However, as generations get older, you may inherit irreplaceable family heirlooms, valuables, and antiques.

For especially sentimental or valuable items, simply storing heirlooms isn’t enough. These items need the right solution to preserve and protect them. Use these 4 tips to better assess, store, and protect your family’s irreplaceable items, keepsakes, and heirlooms.

1. Keep Family Heirlooms 

Many people struggle with deciding what to keep or what to part with when it comes to family heirlooms and sentimental objects. Limited storage or historical context of family heirlooms often impacts how a family member decides what to keep. Similarly, don’t assume every historical item or antique has significant value. Get items with perceived value appraised as soon as they become your possession. An appraisal documents the value of an antique or heirloom, so you can properly protect or insure it.

2. Preserve Family History 

While not all heirlooms or antiques have monetary value, consider its significance in terms of your family’s history. Pictures, awards, medals, handwritten letters, and more provide a historical record and possibly capture unique information about members of your extended family. Extremely fragile and often irreplaceable, these items need a storage solution to protect against damage from flooding, fires, or other natural disasters.

3. Prevent Damage 

Cleaning and properly storing valuables and heirlooms helps prevent future damage or disintegration. Thing like pictures or fabric often experience discoloration because of exposure to light. Certain metals or materials tarnish over time. Make sure to properly clean, wash, polish, or disinfect irreplaceable items, if possible, before storing them. Similarly, if items need repairs, fix any broken pieces or parts before securing them. Use a qualified expert to fix especially delicate or valuable items and preserve authenticity.

4. Store Valuables in a Home Safe  

To keep and preserve family heirlooms and valuables for the next generation, consider using a home safe for proper storage. A home safe protects items from natural disasters and theft, while preserving items and keeping them in pristine condition. For especially sentimental items and antiques, a home safe keeps family heirlooms close, without sacrificing security and protection, under your own roof.

A home safe lets you protect sentimental and valuable family items against disasters or damage in your home. Learn more about the Cannon Safe brand promise and how you can choose the right safe for your needs. Browse our website or find a national retailer near you today.

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