Most likely you, like the Cannon Safe team, are working from home – forced into isolation for two weeks or a month or longer to protect the frailest among us. If you are working on the frontlines, be it transportation, grocery stores, banking, hospitals/medical, we salute you and hope that you stay safe while providing such a vital service.

We understand that crises such as the COVID-19 global pandemic can cause a great deal of fear and uncertainty. In some cases, that fear leads to panic and the panic leads to rash decisions and impulse buys. That fear may also equate to a feeling that the world is no longer safe, that it’s breaking down, that “I need a gun to protect my family.” It is this sense of panic and urgency that forces many people to buy what they don’t need or don’t fully understand.

For those of us who have grown up with firearms, we know the basics. We have ammo, secure storage, cleaning supplies, everything we need to effectively – and safely – use our guns. Most importantly, we’ve had training; we know the steps to take. We know how our bodies respond when we pull the trigger.

But panic, remember, leads to panic buying and that includes firearms. Multiple factors over the years lead to an increase in gun sales. Elections, disasters, rising crime, etc, have all attributed to increased gun ownership and CCW applications. That’s no different with COVID-19. In fact, gun sales are astronomically up. A quick google search of “gun sales” brings back current headlines such as “’Craziest I Have Ever Seen It: Gun Sales Surge amid Coronavirus Fears” and “’It’s Busier than Black Friday.” According to the BBC, the coronavirus has caused the highest EVER spike in US gun sales; in March alone the FBI processed 3.7 million background checks. Online retailers are reporting jumps in sales as well as people try to stock up on anything that could protect their families during a crisis. When asked why he purchased gun, a man told the reporter that while it’s well and good to stockpile supplies, you have to have a way to defend it.

One cannot help but wonder, however, exactly how much training have these new owners have had with firearms. They might not be getting a chance to hone their skill with a new firearm at a range due to COVID-19 related closures; are they aware of how their bodies will react when they pull that trigger?

More importantly – do they know how to secure it?

One thing that must be remembered when bringing home a firearm for the first time is that not only are we sitting in our homes under quarantine, our children are as well. School systems around the country are closed for the rest of the school year and that means thousands upon thousands of children are at home with their families. Not only are adults getting bored, but so too are the kids and kids get into EVERYTHING.

As part of our ongoing work to inform and educate others regarding the need for secure gun storage, we partnered with Project ChildSafe, an organization that strives to educate gun owners on the importance of securing firearms and protecting their children. Project ChildSafe offers many excellent tips for gun owners new and old to follow


  • Gun locking devices render firearms inoperable and can be used in addition to locked storage. If firearms are disassembled, parts should be securely stored in separate locations.
  • Ammunition should be stored in a locked location separate from firearms.
  • Thoroughly double check firearms to confirm that they are unloaded when you remove them from storage. Accidents could occur if a family member borrows a gun and returns it to storage while still loaded.
  • Unloaded firearms should be stored in a locked cabinet, safe, gun vault or storage case. The storage location should be inaccessible to children.

These are all critical elements to gun safety and protecting your family. At Cannon Safe, we believe that protecting loved ones, cherished memories, and vital documents is a necessary fact of life. We offer several safe options that can help provide security for new gun owners as well as though looking for extra storage, security, and organization.

Rifle & Gun Safes

Available in a variety of sizes and models, we offer a rifle safe that can accommodate just rifles all the way to larger safes that can hold 80 rifles as well as a variety of important documents, mementos and other valuables. And, importantly, these safes are fireproof starting at 30 minutes and backed by our Lifetime Warranty. If your safe is ever damaged in fire, natural flood, or burglary, we will repair or replace it at no cost to you.

  • The American Eagle Series
    • Available in 24-, 48-, and 80-gun options, the American Eagle Series Safes offer secure home storage for firearms, documents, and other valuables. These fireproof gun safes offer luxurious interiors, an internal media box, and ultimate home security.  Perfect for home organization, secure safe storage, and securing firearms, the American Eagle Series protects what matters most.
  • Cannon CS72
    • Available exclusively at Costco, the Cannon Executive Safe CS72 is fireproof for 60 minutes and equipped a triple hard plate to prevent drill attacks. With a spacious interior that accommodates 72 rifles as well as valuables and important documents, the CS72 is unbeatable security for an incredible price.
  • Sierra Series
    • Perfect for any home looking for an affordable fireproof gun safe, the Sierra Series is available exclusive at Academy Sports and Outdoors. Available in 18-, 24-, 30-, and 64-gun options, the Sierra Series is fireproof for 45 minutes at 1200 degrees and offers peace of mind for your firearms, documents, and valuables.

Home and Office Safes

Many home and office safes are smaller options that still provide the same fire protection and security as larger rifle safes. Great for documents, smaller valuables and handguns, a home office safe protects from fire and burglary. Like our rifle safes, these are backed by our Lifetime Warranty

  • Cannon Director
    • Elegant and secure, the Director safe adds an upscale touch to an home office. Fireproof for 75 minutes and equipped with interior lighting and a media box, this safe provides ultimate security for valuables, important documents, and handguns.
  • Landmark Collection
    • The Landmark Collection is affordable and comes in a variety of sizes that fit any home. With a luxurious interior designed with securely storing your valuables in mind, the Landmark Collection provides 60-minute fire protection and 4” long locking bolts.

All of these safes offer vital security for any gun owner – old and new. Securing your firearms is a responsible step that makes your home safer and helps give you peace of mind that your guns do not fall into the wrong hands. And on top of that, having a safe helps you protect those memories and documents that matter most.

Not only should you invest in secure storage for your home, you should encourage others that you know to do so as well. We’re all in this together and we can help make the world a little safer.