Safe Firearm Storage Ideas

Now that you have decided to own a firearm and have it in your possession, you need to decide where to keep it. There’s no doubt it will be safe and secure in a gun safe from Cannon Safe. But what if the safe is in the basement, and you need your pistol when you’re in your bedroom on the second level of your house? Let’s consider some additional secure firearm storage options that can help you stay safe no matter where you are in your home.

Like Real Estate, it’s Location, Location, Location

There are two places I am comfortable keeping my home defense firearms. First would be located on my body, strapped in a holster or in my hands. Second would be a locked, easily accessible device, positioned in the immediate vicinity of where I am located. Since I live in all of the rooms of my house, I would want a portable device or multiple devices to meet my home gun storage and security needs. If you experience a home invasion while you’re in your bedroom, you don’t want your home defense weapon locked safely away in the basement or garage. Likewise, you wouldn’t want a firearm left unsecured on a dresser or in a drawer, especially if you ever have children in your home.

Generally, I recommend that if you choose to use a firearm as a home defense weapon, then at a minimum, keep it in a central location, quickly and easily reachable from your sleeping and primary living spaces. For better coverage, consider a primary home safe for the bulk of your firearm collection, as well as other valuable items (money, documents, electronics, heirlooms, drugs, photos), complimented by appropriate GunVault safes for alternate firearm locations.


GunVault provides multiple options of safe and secure, quick-access handgun storage. You also have the option of mounting some of these devices in permanent locations or using the cable-secured variants for portable storage. For instance, a GunVault MicroVault can be moved throughout your home or office, as well as be carried in a vehicle or backpack. This provides you with the security you need for a firearm or other valuables in a very portable product. For a fixed site solution, such as the wall next to your bed or desk, or for a shelf in your closet, you might go with the SpeedVault or MultiVault options.

Long Guns

The most popular rifle being used for home defense is any one of many versions of the AR-15.  GunVault has a unique quick-access locking system for this type of rifle with the ARVault. Another option for the AR rifle and also for security-designed shotguns is the TacVault. Both of these can be placed in small areas such as closets, or be part of the room décor in situations where they would be appropriate.


The Bottom Line Up Front is that should you choose to use them, you need to keep your self-defense or Home-Defense weapons in locations where you will most likely need to have them, be able to reach them quickly, and that provide safe storage of the firearms when they are not being used. Cannon Safe, GunVault, and Cannon Security Products provide you with multiple solutions to all your firearm security requirements.