Self Defense Tips to Protect Yourself During an Attack

We’ve all heard a lot about the “New Normal” and what that means for America. With regard to personal safety, regretfully the new normal may mean that there are more and more places in America where not all people are welcome, and will be in danger if they enter. As we have witnessed across Europe during the last couple of years, too many supposedly safe locations have been the scenes of violence. Now, the risk of being personally attacked may be low. However, if you ever were attacked and experienced a physical assault from someone determined to gravely injure or kill, do you have a plan to protect yourself? Check out these basic self-defense tips that could come in handy.

Not a Sport

Unlike boxing or other martial arts, there are no rules to follow when fighting for your life except to stay alive. Let the lawyers sort it out after you’re safe. Fear and a lack of education and training are common among victims on the losing end of an assault. When you combine the same fear with even a little knowledge on what to do, successfully fighting for your life is a more realistic option.

Basic Defensive Body Weapons 

There are many actions that practically eliminate the chances you would ever have to fight for your life using only the tools that God has given you. Avoiding danger based on knowing what’s going on around you is always the best option. Maintaining a good situational awareness and following your intuition are probably the most effective tools you have. Many people also have a second line of defense should the situation surprise them, and that is a personal defensive weapon such as non-lethal or lethal tools. Pepper spray, tasers, knives, and guns fall into these categories. But, there are times when we are completely unarmed, be it by design or circumstance driven; these are the times being addressed by the remainder of this article.

Voice & Noise 

Reasoning with an attacker generally doesn’t work. Usually an attack will be made as an ambush or a surprise. If not, or if you are able to react after the initial assault, try yelling “NO” to stop further attacks.  If the assailant is acting under the influence of rage, it may break through the haze according to some sources. Further, don’t be embarrassed to yell and scream for help or specifically, to yell “FIRE” as loud as you can. It’s reported that people will respond to shouts of fire quicker than to screams of help, rape, or police. If possible, push the alarm button on your car keys if you can get the horn to sound. Be loud and make noise.

Hands and Fingernails 

The heel of your palm, rather than your fist is a very effective weapon. It’s usually better to use a palm strike rather than your fist to hit an attacker in the face or head. It will do more damage to the attacker and avoid breaking small finger bones of the attacked. To use your palm as a weapon, attempt to jam the heel of your hand into the base of the nose or jaw of the attacker and then forcefully drag downward with your fingernails after the strike. Also, attempt to push or scratch your nails into or across the eyes of the attacker. Ramming the base of the nose can be a deadly punch, especially when delivered from a shorter person upwards into a taller person’s nose. Done correctly with enough force, this type of strike can send the nasal bones into the brain, killing the person immediately. Obviously, this is not a technique you would use unless you feared that you were in danger of grievous bodily harm or death.

An alternate option of the palm strike described above is to drive the Y, formed between your thumb and forefinger, into the throat of the attacker. Attempt to ram the larynx (Adam’s Apple) as hard as you can. Also, use the side of your hand, karate-chop style, to hit down onto the side of the neck or collarbone areas.  Additionally, an open-handed slap against the ears can rupture the eardrums causing great pain and disorientation. Using your hand shaped into a fist can be effective and if you strike with the meaty side of your fist (opposite the thumb) you can still avoid injury to your finger bones or knuckles.

If you can’t reach the face and head, focus your punches, scratches, squeezes or pinches on the groin area if possible.

This was Part 1 of our Self-Defense Tips series – keep your eye out for Self-Defense Tips Part 2!


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